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Tally ERP-9
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Point of Sale (POS)
Simple Point of Sale Retailers' Delight
Point of Sale (POS) or Checkout is the location where a transaction occurs. Tally.ERP 9 POS feature helps you to streamline your retail operations, by automating the 'Check Out' process for you and your customers. It provides advanced capabilities with ease-of-use and ensuring smooth retail operations. A one-time configuration in Tally.ERP 9 is all it takes for the POS feature to be activated.
Some important features available in the POS module are:

• Generates POS Invoices with Date and time of transaction

• Ensures management of gift coupons, vouchers and discount tickets and so on.

• Eases Cash and Credit / Debit Card transactions and allows multiple mode of payment for a
single invoice

• Tracks balances to be returned to buyers from the money tendered

• Facilitates bar code scanning of SKUs (or items).

• Provides quantified tracking of sales promotions

• Allows access to inventory levels and provides the option of quickly matching inventory
with floor counts.

• Helps in identifying consumer purchasing patterns

• Generates standard and customized reports such as Cash Registers, POS Registers,
Inventory Reports and so on.

• Increases efficiency, revenue and productivity at the point of sale.

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