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“OFFICE STEM”, is the combination of all the Management Work done in the Office. It manages the work of the Staff, Client and the Administrator. It is made keeping in mind the work which are carried out in the office of Chartered Accountants Firm & Law Firm (Advocate). It is created according the Rules and Regulations which are followed in the Chartered Accountants & Law Firm office.

By this the Chartered Accountants Firm & Law Firm (Advocate) is able to create a routine work for all the Staff Members and be in contact with them. This software even creates a link between the Client and the Owner of the Company. In this software the owner can manage work automatically and all the facilities are provided online. With online facility the Staff Members and the Clients are always are linked with Chartered Accountants Firm & Law Firm (Advocate). Chartered Accountants firm & Law Firm (Advocate) can create the different logins for the Staff and Client. By this every Staff Member and Client is able to see the his/her side of contents from their logins. This also helps Chartered Accountants Firm & Law Firm (Advocate) to allocate different work to different Staff Members online and the Staff Members can know about the work allocated to them from their logins. The client can also see what work is completed or Pending. Chartered Accountants Firm & Law Firm (Advocate) can see the online Alerts where he can know which staff is on leave, about work not assigned, about work assigned, about the new Team leader assigned and work allocated to him and his team. Chartered Accountants Firm & Law Firm (Advocate) can also create a Sub Admin online who can be useful when the Chartered Accountants Firm & Law Firm (Advocate) is not present. By this software Chartered Accountants Firm & Law Firm (Advocate) can communicate with the Staff and Client online with the help of online Communication facilities like Chat, SMS, Letter etc.

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