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• Auto Preparation / Generation of various returns.
• With a single date entry both VAT & CST reports can be generated.
• Auto calculation of VAT Tax, CST, Set-Off.
• Different types of dealers are defined.
• Facility of filing Original, Revised & Fresh Return and user can also view all the returns filed till date, a record is kept in the software.
• Data entry of Sales and Purchases for MVAT calculations.
• E-Filing Returns (No need to go Department’s website for Filing Returns online).
• The user ID and password for e-filing need to be given only once & need not be given every time user E-File the return.
• Permit revision of date and data from the original return to be picked automatically.
• Auto calculation facility is provided which save time and minimizes the calculation mistakes.
• Generation of Challan by Day to Day TDS Entry.
• Master detail self transfer to statutory forms (No need to Create Client / Party master every time).
• Library Features include Act, Rules and Schedules, Circular Notifications
• In-built checks to prevent date entry errors.
• Generation of Tax Deposits Challan.
• Backup and Restore facility.
• Reports can be exported in PDF or DOC format.
• Tally Reports in Registers
• Import form rem in Audit Report / Software

Preparation of Periodic Returns and Forms

• Form 231 –Return form for VAT dealers other than dealers filing form 232, 233.
• Form 232 –Return form for Composition Dealer for Entire Business.
• Form 233 –Return form for Composition for A Part / Works Contract / Leasing Authority.
• Form III (E) –Return form for Central Sales Tax (CST) Return.
• Local sales register (Annexure containing the details of Local Sales made against Tax Invoice)
• Local purchase registers (Annexure containing the details of Local Purchases made against Tax Invoice).
• Creation of Challan.

(A feature of calculation of input tax credit, adjustment of input tax credit against CST and carry forward to next period has been given)
• E-Filling and Paper return of forms 231, 232, 233, III(E). 704, 501. e-c Form • Computation of VAT and CST Return.
• List of Return Register (Filed / Unfiled).
• Annual Report/ Summary Report

Following Filled / Blank Forms Available:

• Form 1 (Registration form for Restaurant / Club / Hotel Dealer)
• Form 2 (Registration form for Caterer Dealer)
• Form 3 (Registration form for Baker Dealer)
• Form 4 (Registration form for Retailer Dealer)
• Form 5 (Registration form for Second Hand Motor Vehicle Dealer)
• Form 101 (Registration of VAT Dealer)
• Form 103 (Cancellation)
• Form 210 (Tax Deposit Challan) (Including TDS Challan)
• Form A (Registration under CST Act)
• Form 704 (New) (Audit Report)
• Form 709 (Authority Assigning)
• Form 710 (Submission of audit Report)
• Form 801 (e-Annexure)
• Form 501 (Refund Form)
• Form 402 (TDS Certificate)
• Form 404 (TDS Register)
• Form 405 (TDS Return)
• Form 708
• Form 111 (P.T. Return)
• Challan VIII (Challan)

Other features:

• Single user / Multi user.
• Easy Installation.
• Message board is given through which user will be reminded of Important dates or any amendments during the period.






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