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Greytip Online –Features (elaborated)
Employee Administration
It’s now easy to have up to date and consistent employee information in one central location. When you make changes to any information, you do it in one place and the changes are reflected everywhere. Moreover, the complete history of the employee in terms of transfers, promotions and other status changes is easily available.

  • Employee Database: Track all the employee information
  • Unlimited Employee Categories: Create any number of organizational categories like Department, Location, Division, Function etc.
  • Employee Directory: View data for past and current employees with filters on various categories and employment status.
  • Organization Tree: Maintain the organization tree to capture the reporting hierarchy
  • Automatic Employee Numbering: Maintain multiple employee series for different categories of employees without overlap


Payroll processing
Get salaries out in just minutes instead of days with Greytip Online. Greytip online salary software covers all aspects of payroll management leading to less work and greater peace of mind.  You can now ensure 100% accuracy, huge time savings and highly satisfied employees. Excel import facility and mass data update keeps manual data entry to a minimum and speeds up work.

  • Payroll Processing with 100% Statutory Compliances: With that single click, accurately compute salary for all employees including statutory deductions (PF/ESI/PT/IT), deductions, revisions, loss of pay etc.
  • Salary Slips: Customize the appearance and content of your salary slips with 100% accuracy.
  • Loans / Arrears / Reimbursements: Automatic EMI deductions, arrears, reimbursements, bonus and so on.
  • Full & Final Settlement (F&F): Manages recovery of pending dues, notice pay, leave encashment, etc. to compute the final settlement amount
  • Excel Import / Mass Update: Mass update facility that updates salary information for multiple employees in one shot.
  • Payroll Reconciliation: Variety of reconciliation tools to ensure salaries are accurate.
  • Payroll Agents: Various methods of computing can deliver flexibility and extensibility to meet current or future requirements.

Leave Management
Streamlining employee leave management helps you tackle multiple concerns in a single stroke.
It eliminates busy work involved in leave administration and employee follow ups, saving time and transaction costs.

  • Leave policy - define and enforce evenly the leave policy.  Create multiple schemes  for different employee categories
  • Leave Transactions - Reduce HR work with automatic leave granting.  All leave transactions are tracked and leave balances automatically updated. Eliminate your Leave Cards or Leave Excels completely.
  • ESS - Minimize HR work by empowering employees with self service options. Employees can see the Company Holidays, Leave balances, transactions and team leave calendar.
  • Year End Processing - Year end need not mean extra work anymore. With easy to use tools complete the year end processing for lapsing leaves, carry-forward, auto-encashment etc

Attendance Management
Unauthorized absence costs you money, prevents effective administration of leave policies and lowers employee morale. While tracking employee attendance is critical to organizations, it need not mean wasting inordinate amount of time in administration, manual collation, and reporting. With our revolutionary cloud attendance management solutions, it is now possible to accurately track employee attendance with minimum hassle and effort.

  • Works with any hardware - web attendance software works seamlessly with any type of time tracking hardware like biometric devices, RFID, smart cards,
  • Web Attendance Marking - The online attendance marking feature allows employees to mark attendance using the browser without requiring any hardware based time tracking devices.
  • Employee Self Service - Employee self service leads to less work for the HR department, faster feedback, greater transparency and better employee satisfaction.  
  • HR & Payroll Integration - Integrate payroll with attendance system and eliminate work duplication and data miscalculations
  • Business Intelligence - Get in-depth business intelligence with real time data tracking. The raw data from swipes is collated to give consolidated reports on absenteeism, cumulative working hours, overtime, etc. Records can be filtered by various categories like location, department, etc.

Document Management
Save paper by reaping benefits of the cloud. Centralize all documents related to company policies, employees tax, payroll data, forms, etc. in a central document repository.

  • Publish HR forms, statutory forms, company policies, etc. on the employee portal for easier management.
  • Using employee portal, employees can download documents like their payslips, tax statements and Form 16s without HR’s involvement.

90+ Reports
You don’t have to spend a single minute to manually prepare pay-slips, salary statements or any reports for statutory compliance. You have 90+ reports available at the click of a button with accurate and up to date information. The reports include statutory reports, monthly statements, reconciliation reports, and various other MIS reports that cater to the day to day requirements of your HR department.

  • Statutory Reports- All reports you need for 100% statutory compliance related to PF, ESI, TDS and Professional Tax.
  • Ad-hoc Reports- With the Statement Designer, you can design any number of reports with extensive options for grouping, field selection, short listing and more... QueryBuilder lets you generate powerful reports containing virtually any data item available in the database with filtering and sorting options.
  • Export Options-Facility to export all reports to PDF, Excel or MS-Word.

Employee Self Service
Build an organizational culture of trust and transparency by empowering employees with the Employee Portal. Employees can now access their information online, on-demand without being on hold for hours with the HR/Admin, overall reducing Phone Tag time by 90%.

  • Online, On demand access - Employees can easily access information related to payouts, income tax, company policies, leave balances, statements etc without having to wait for the HR
  • Workflow- Employees can initiate a variety of workflows related to leave, reimbursements, and expense claims approval. All stakeholders are connected via system generated emails which helps in reducing transaction time and cost.
  • Help Desk - With the Help Desk feature, employees can open a ticket for various issues or requirements which are then routed to the concerned department.  This is a boon to improve internal services standards and monitor SLAs.
  • Manager Self Service - Managers can login and view information of their team members anytime they want without involving HR which is a big time saver for both the manager and the HR department.

Events and Reminders
No need to remind managers to complete approvals or write birthday greetings to employees. You can easily assign tasks, reminders for events and set automated greeting messages.

  • Easily configure events and set reminders schedules based on various rules
  • Ease communication process with automated alerts and reminders
  • Schedule reminders for performance reviews, probation periods, training, birthday/anniversary and company events.

Expense Claims

Manage employee payouts other than payroll reimbursements easily by automating official expense claim and reimbursement process.

  • Configurable and easy to use: configure multiple expense heads, define team or individual specific claim limits and rules for claiming expenses, payment cycles, mode of disbursement - cash/bank transfer etc. Claim groups and stipulated period/batch for receiving claims and making payments can also be defined using this tool.
  • Advance Payments: Enables advance payment and claim submission in multiple currencies, and help in regulating actual expenses against advances.
  • Online Workflow: Allows employees to apply for claims which can be approved by management. All stakeholders are connected via system/action triggered emails.






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